This framework is about when and what a unicorn-to-be should do. The ideal growth phase of a typical unicorn is suggested as a reference but not hard regulation, e.g. T2D3 – the revenue should triple twice and double 3 times. The age of the scaleup and the according age of a person are correlated.

1 Fundraising Seed Angel A B C D E F
2 Validating Validate idea Validate product Validate market Validate city Validate  cities Validate nationwide Validate  countries Validate globally
16 Year 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year
17 Age 0-5 Years 6-11 Years 12-17 Years 18-23 Years 24-29 Years 30-35 Years
18 Growth Stages Perceptual Arousal: Establish perceptions of outside environment and oneself. Don't know that you don't know. Preschool education.  Cognition Building: Establish cognition and get enlightenment. Learn memorizing knowledge and basic reasoning. Know that you don't know. Primary education. Cognition Upgrade: Learn knowledge searching, thinking and insight. Know that you know. Elementary and high education.  Cognition Transition: Learn systematic thinking, integration and innovation. Don't know that you know. Higher education(Sometimes including post-graduate education). Cognition Output: Creatively educate others and change the world - become a reproductive mature entity that can develop independently without parents' support(investor's fund). Let others know what you know. Society education. Cognition Monetization: Make use of what you've learned. Let others pay for what  you know. Self education.
19 Milestones Market analysis, fund Prototype/MVP Paying customer Breakeven Recover investment Monopoly IPO Exit
20 Revenue $2M $6M $18M $36M $72M $144M
21  Multiplier N/A 3 3 2 2 2
22 Valuation $20M $60M $180M $360M $720M $1.44B
23 Fund Raised $10,000s $100,000s $1,000,000s $10,000,000s $10,000,000s $100,000,000s $100,000,000s