This framework is about the relationships between team size, customer base and investment rounds. It is more like recommendations than hard regulations.

1 Fundraising Seed Angel A B C D E F
2 Validating Validate idea Validate product Validate market Validate city Validate  cities Validate nationwide Validate  countries Validate globally
34 Management Levels 1 2 3 4 5 5
35 Employees 1-2 8 57 400 2,801 2,801
36 Culture Family Tribe Village Town City Nation/World
37 Team Size Solo SEAL team Pirate Battalion Legion
38 Founder Need Hierarchy For life For interest For power For fame For mission For culture
39 Org Structure Evolution Functional Weak matrix Strong matrix Temporarily projectized Projectized 2 pizza team Independent team Spin-off team
40 2B Customer 1s 10s 100s 1,000s 10,000s
41 2C Customer 100,000s 1,000,000s 10,000,000s 100,000,000s 1,000,000,000s
42 Interviews 10s 100s 1,000s 10,000s 100,000s