This framework is about the emphases a scaleup should bet on and the fit of resources and product.

1 Fundraising Seed Angel A B C D E F
2 Validating Validate idea Validate product Validate market Validate city Validate  cities Validate nationwide Validate  countries Validate globally
43 Fit & Model Idea/Pain point fit. Logic model. Product/Pain point fit. Product model. Product/Market fit.  Business model. Product/Channel fit. Search for predictable, repeatable, scalable and profitable growth model. Product/Culture fit. Expansion model.
44 Economy Speed Economy Scale Economy Span Economy Scope Economy
45 Accumulative Profit Curve The curve drops until getting to the bottom which means reaching the finishing edge of death valley, and also means breakeven. The curve pulls up exponentially. When coming to the point of 0, it means investment recovered. The curve gets not very steep and gradually flats which means maturity.
46 Unit Economics High investment and few customers means low unit economics which usually is below 0. From losing a lot to losing a little money on every customer. Though deficit grows, economics gets better till positive. Unit economics keeps getting better.
47 Resources Network Human Resource Product, Capital Customer Brand Organization Intellectual Property Industry
48 Intellectual Properties Originality Copyright, corporate name Trademark Patent Proprietary technology